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Friday, October 24, 2014

Quick Craft Satisfaction

A quick trip to Ikea a couple weeks ago …wait.  There's no such thing as a quick trip to Ikea.
I was in there for HOURS!
I don't really remember what all I bought, but THIS was my big get:

Just a simple cabinet door front.  From that clearance/reject section.
It was priced at $1.00.
At that price there was no way I wasn't taking it home.  I knew I could think of something I would do with it.  A perfect blank canvas that would require no prep work, depending on what I would find to do with it.
When I got it home I realized I had this:

I had purchased this rub- on decal last year thinking I would put it on my front door…and I never did.  
(That whole procrastination thing strikes again!)

The project took me all of 10 minutes…….
And now I can wonder / ponder/ agonize about where I will hang it.


Mimi said...

Perfect fit!

Claudette said...

you could leave it right there, looks awesome!

Nancy said...

How cute is that! I can't get over how perfectly the "Welcome" fit on that piece of wood. They were meant for each other.

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

How did I miss this?! Where did you end up putting it?

Sharon said...

It's at the farm, NYC!