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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scrapped, Scraps, and a Lack of Creativity….

I've been working hard on Talkin' Turkey from Bonnie Hunter's book String Fling.
I had given up on it for awhile.  The fabrics weren't interesting to me anymore (shirting scraps) and I just wasn't enjoying working on it.
I decided to get a few new fabrics to add to it the last few times I was at some of the local quilt shops, and I was really starting to like it again.
I had hundreds of pieces cut and sewn, and decided it was time to put some blocks together and see if I wanted to continue.

Thats when I realized that I hadn't measured any of the units as I went along to make sure that they were the proper size and would fit together into blocks.
As luck (and lack of skill would have it) They didn't fit.  Some were too large.  Ones that I had trimmed to size were now to small to use.  (If I had not trimmed anything up they might have worked).
And so…..the whole mess got tossed into a bin until I could stop crying long enough to make an intelligent decision about what to do with all that fabric/work.

I did decide to keep the string pieced blocks that had not yet been cut in half….so today when I was unable to decide what I could work on I decided to just sew some more of those string blocks and maybe, one day, put them together into a quilt.

I played around with them for a few minutes…which was actually pointless because I just picked them up and flung them back into their bin……….
Since my own creativity has decided to pack up and leave town,
I'll share someone else's talents…..

The picture below is actually a photo taken by Claudette!  Isn't it gorgeous?  It looks like a painting to me.


Claudette said...

I got a shout out on your blog, cool - thanks
Also I don't hate the pieces you put together, i know that it is not what you expected!

Sharon said...

Those pieces are just a very small part of the quilt that was scrapped…I'll show you the bin next time we craft together!

Nancy said...

I feel for you and totally understand how we quilters sometime just have to toss everything away. It's heart breaking that you spent so much time on those blocks and have nothing to show for it. Then again, let me remind you of something you have asked me more than once......."Did you enjoy the process even though you don't like the finished product?"

Sharon said...

Thanks Nancy…I am in a much better place now that I have set that project free.

Mimi said...

Love Claudette's picture. She does great work. As for you.....I had to go and look up the Bonnie Hunter quilt. You are such an overachiever lately. Sorry things weren't working out, but you do have the makings of another quilt here soon.

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

Great Photo Claudette!