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Friday, October 31, 2014

Comfort Quilt Progress

It's a top!

And a shot of it from the backside:
This view always makes me think of stained glass windows!
Now to find a backing (yes, it will most likely be a minty back!)
Hoping to have it quilted by Sunday night and get it delivered first thing Monday.
I'll keep you posted!


Claudette said...

from a pile of fabric to a complete Quilt top!

Sharon said...

Like magic, right?

Mimi said...

Wow...you didn't waste any time on this one. Now the backing? A minty minkee or just minkee?

Nancy said...

Don't you just love beautiful quilts that can be made quickly....I do!

Nichole Grieser said...

This turned out nice. I think the person who receives it will love it =]