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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashion Matters...............

These chicks have it going on. They've got style and they arent afraid to show it.

Yep........I love the Hawaiian Whole Cloth Quilts.........

I'll share more later.........We might head back to the show for a bit this morning...and then go to the local quilt show before we return our rental car and head back to the RV for the day.
There is a local racetrack that has a pretty big race tonight...so we might ck that out....and then we'll pack up, say goodbye to our new friends, and hit the road for Talladega!


Nancy said...

I absolutely love the Hawaiian quilt with the palm trees, hibiscus, and waves. I've never seen on done with palm trees before. You are so lucky to be seeing so many beautiful quilts.

Mimi said...

Pink and orange!!!! Who knew? I love it!!!! Also, love your take on the local fashions, too. Made me laugh out loud for sure!!!