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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Important Life Lessons....Part 1

This is the most important gauge on the motor home. It's more important than the gas gauge, more important than the oil light, and even more important than steam shooting out of your radiator.
This gauge tells you if your holding tanks are full.
(For those of you who are not aware of what a holding tank is, it's where the grey and black water are stored. To be more specific (and perhaps a bit more graphic) 4 lights lit would tell you that the shi**ers full.
I'll give you a moment to digest that information.

Now, when this occurs you should make plans to empty your tanks. You will know that you should do this when you see 3 of those 4 lights lit....You should not wait till you are ankle deep in water in your tiny little shower, with shampoo in your hair (and eyes) and no one around to hear you scream.
Fortunately for me, Tim heard me scream. He said "Oops".
It's sweet words like that, said by him, that that caused me to marry him. Really.

So Tim got ready. He put on his very expensive Clark's Driving Mocs and headed out to the side of the rv and got out the hose............
And discovered that the hose was too short.
Now...this is the point where, if you saw the Robin Williams movie RV...you know that you should start laughing.
Our very helpful neighbor who I called Wisconsin (cuz that's where he's from) came over immediately and saw that Tim had a problem and jumped right in to help.....Wisconsin is on the right....Tim is on the left.

Fortunatley for us, Wisconsin had an extra length of hose....and a COUPLER.
I thought that they had a hose spreader but I later found out that they had a simple screwdriver that they used to help slide the second length of hose onto the coupler (again...if you saw the movie you should also laugh here....

To Be Continued.....

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