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Thursday, April 22, 2010

More quilts!

Hexigons! Thousands of tiny hexigons!

We went to the museum the first day here. Not very big....not that many quilts (well, not as many as I was hoping to see.) Hollis Chateline (sp?) was there, speaking about her quits, and there was an exhibit of Sunflower quilts. Those were very nice. They made me want to go home and sew. The Beatles Quilt was there...and it was very cool to see that , indeed, all of the lyrics of all of the songs are written on the back of the quilt. Very Cool.


Nancy said...

Those two smiling faces tell me that you two are having a great time. I'm ooohhhhing and aaaaahing over each and every quilt picture you show us. Keep it up.

Mimi said...

No the quilt museum isn't all that big, but they sure have beeeautiful quilts in there. I am sure they change them out somewhat every once in awhile. Remember, the winner of Paducah has to give their quilt to the museum. The year that I went, the winner got something like $32,000 for her quilt. For as many hours as she had put into that quilt, she was being paid peanuts.

ThePhotoPhreak said...

I honestly had no idea there was a quilt museum~
a lot of the quilts you posted were beautiful though!