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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hancocks of Paducah

They come from all over to go to Hancocks of Paducah....................................
The dusty lot was filled with cars from just about every state......

Some of the cars were filled with ladies....some were husbands and wives....Many, if not most,
had dogs in them.....(what is it with people traveling with dogs? Seems like a huge hassle to me!
But just about every one of those cars left loaded with incredible amounts of fabric.
Just not my car.
To tell you the truth, after the first few minutes of feeling overwhelmed when I walked in the door, I quickly became aware that this place, while HUGE, wasn't everything I had pictured it to be.
Yes, they had TONS of fabric...but it's everything you see in the catalog. Nothing more. Just rows and rows of bolts and bolts of fabric.
I didn't feel anything like I do when I walk into some of my favorite quilt shops and my heart sings and I get all excited about all the possibilities that are ahead of me.
I walked around the store twice before I decided to choose some solids for a small wall quilt that I've wanted to make.........and then I grabbed some scissors in case I wanted to start it before I got home (but I cant do that unless I go buy an iron somewhere)......
And that was all!
I spent less that $20 on fabric.
Hopefully I will find something different/unusual when we go to the show tomorrow.......
This afternoon we rented a car to get around easier, and we headed over to the Quilters Museum.
I'll tell you more about that later........................................


Mimi said...

Hancock's is overwhelming, isn't it? Did you go to the back room for the bargain sale?...or maybe that doesn't start until the show starts. That sale is a site to see. If you didn't see it, you have to go back and check out the bargains. It's like a feeding frenzy.

ranette said...

I agree with your assessment of Hancock's.....it's hard not to get caught up in the moment while there though.

Like you, I much prefer my local quilt shop. Have fun at the show!

Gracie said...

You know me, S, I would have most likely walked out. Especially with all the people. Can't stand that. You made me feel better about not being able to go this year. One of my friends said she likes the International Quilt Festival better than Paducah any day. Might just have to go to Houston or Chicago one day.

Sharon said...

I heard someone say (in a crowd, mind you) that the Chicago show was going to be no more....however....I don't know who that was or if they actually knew anything.
I would certainly go to Chicago. On a train!
Or Lancaster....I love Pa!
And Mimi....I did go into that room and I walked right back out. I'm not fighting for scraps with anyone!
Leaving shortly for the show....very much looking forward to it!