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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Quilt Show

Yep. That's me. Posing in front of the goofy backdrop. I had a normal smile on my face until Tim said "Are you ready?" and then began a countdown. By then the smile had deteriorated and I was speaking through gritted teeth. Well, this is how I look when I'm almost mad enough to march forward and snatch the camera out of Tim's hands. My kids know this look. They saw it last Christmas when we were trying to take pics in front of the tree.
Loved this quilt....I think it's one of the few that were NOT made by a Japanese quilter (boy, there were LOTS of those at the show)

I saw the dots and thought of you first, Nancy. And then I thought of you, Faye (because of your current bom). Isn't this neat?

Here's a quit by one of my faves, Karen Stone. I sure wish that the colors were true in this pic...the quilt was really beautiful.
I can only load 5 pics at a time or my computer refuses to cooperate, so I guess you'll just have to wait for some more.


Nancy said...

Love the dots quilt! The Karen Stone quilt is the one I mentioned to you recently and couldn't remember where I saw it. Finally I remembered that it was in the new Alex & Ricky magazine called The Quilt Life. It's fantastic and YOU GOT TO SEE IT IN PERSON!

Mimi said...

Yes, anything Karen Stone would definitely be beautiful. Now the dots!!! OMG! I thought I had a lot to make, but this beats all. Wow!!!