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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Important Life Lessons...Part 2

So after lots of fiddeling, stretching, and more fiddling, and a little more stretching, the coupler was firmly attatched to the hose, the hose was fitted into the appropriate emptying place, and Tim flipped the lever to allow the grey and black water to exit the RV. I did my part by running water to help clean out the system, (and of course take pictures and laugh ALOT)
And after the valiant team effort of Tim, Wisconsin, and I, Tim was able to re-enter the rv to changed his clothes, laugh some more with me at the hilarity of the situation (and the similarity of our RV trips to that in the movie RV...).

Job well-done, Tim Grieser. You are The Master Of Your Domain!


Mimi said...

Do we want to know what that was about?

Mimi said...

Um....at least Tim is smiling!

Nancy said...

I'm amazed that you were laughing after having been caught in the shower with less than pure water at your feet. You've come a long way baby. Tell Tim I'm proud of him and all that he does to keep you happy.

Sharon said...

I'm telling you , Nancy, that we have laughed our heads off for most of this trip. We expect bad things to happen, and then when they do we just crack up.
And shake our heads...and crack up some more!

Gracie said...

I am sooooo LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!