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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little Place We Like To Call Home

Yep. We are proud (temporary) residents of the Duck Creek RV Park.
This is our spacious camp spot. Shortly after this photo was taken we put the slide out about 6" out.....and rolled out the awning. Put down our rug (to accentuate the gravel) and unfolded our chairs.

This is Tim....seated in one of the gazebo's at the front of the park. Note the faux palm trees.

From this angle you can see some of the many, many potted plants.........real and otherwise.
Behind the main building is a laundry and a pool with a bath house. Haven't yet made use of either of those amenities yet, although this afternoon, after the quilt show, I did get a massage next to the pool. It was fabulous!


NYC Girl said...

I'm LOVING the first quilt with all the circles on it!Are they all appliqued by hand?! Sounds like this place was a sample sale in NYC with the chaos that you mention. Love that I get to see a day by day post. almost like being there!

Nancy said...

Where's your beer and cowboy hat? You're livin the rv life now. You two look like city slickers to me.

Mimi said...

Yeah, when you mentioned the Paducah fashionesttas, I expected to see a cowboy hat and a bejeweled tank top. :D Looks like a fun time!

ThePhotoPhreak said...

Looks like a slice of heaven!