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Monday, April 19, 2010

We Fought The Orange Cones....

And the orange cones won.
We were driving down the road...might have been on 71....when we came upon orange cones VERY haphazardly placed in the roadway. Some were placed on the line dividing the lanes...some were placed a foot over..some 2 ft or more inside the lane we were driving in. Tim did a great job of dodging those cones......the motor home moved smoothly along what I can only describe as an obstacle course....and the BAM! WE hit one that couldn't be avoided.
I screamed! (ok, I cursed).
Everything seemed ok. For a minute. That's when we heard the sound. Couldn't figure out what the heck it was. Some nice guy driving down the road put his window down and pointed at the side of the RV......and so Tim looked out the window and down toward the ground. The exhaust pipe from the generator was dragging on the ground.
Of course, many people who drove past us also decided to point out our problem.
We saw an exit ahead and pulled off....just as the pipe let go and fell off, onto the roadway.
We parked the RV, and a Kentucky State Trooper, with great big smile on his face and a prisoner in back, pulled up along side of us to let us know that our generator exhaust had fallen off, and was just back aways......
We thanked him and got out of the RV.
Tim said to me "Go get that".


Mimi said...

Bwahh ha ha ha ha ha. I can just see the look you gave him when he told YOU to go get that! Don't leave us hanging. Who got it?

Nancy said...

I know you didn't go fetch it, but did Tim or did you just leave it behind? I'm curious as to whether you took the smiling picture of Tim before or after the incident?

Sharon said...

I did look at him with a "really?" face....but then I turned, walked back, picked it up and carried it back to the RV. Tim threw it into the back storage area and we drove off.
He's my ride, girls....you gotta go along to get along.

The Smiling Tim pic was taken momemts afterword, when we were cruising down the road, laughing our heads off.

Gracie said...

I LOVE your updates. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!