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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Morning from Talladega! Here's another quilt to view....

I don't have race pics yet. It's early and the sun is shining so everyone is up an at 'em, even if there isn't anything to do until a little later this morning.
(I'm Thrilled to see the sunshine!)
Anyway, I wanted to share a quilt from Paducah that I thought was interesting.
I was taken by the qilting....and I felt like I wanted to meet this quilter (if only for a minute) so I would know who had made it and what her inspiration was.


Nancy said...

Looks like I'm not the only polka dot lovin freak in the world. Keep those pictures coming.

Nancy said...

OMG. I just enlarged the dot quilt and saw that those quilted faces are on that quilt. I thought they were on a totally different quilt. They are so cool. This is a quilt I'd love to see in person.

Sharon said...

I know! This wasnt the most beautiful quilt at the show, but it was one of the most interesting!

Gracie said...

WOW! Wish I could have seen that one up close. I really love the polka dots.